benjamin "Kz" frew

Hey there. I am a 24-year-old American broadcaster focused on engaging speedrun content.
Featured at: AGDQ 2017, ESA 2017, GDQx 2018, AGDQ 2019

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I grew up a PlayStation kid. In 2005, I found Kreedz Climbing. From there, I began speedrunning, dabbled in level design, and today I continue my foray of gaming with a partnered Twitch channel where I stream five days a week.


I began speedrunning in 2005, with a Half-Life 2 mod titled Kreedz Climbing. It is, truly, the first game I had ever fallen in love with, and where my namesake of “KZ” originates. I played Kreedz for eight years, setting many world records. I continue to play – casually – to this day.

Vice City

In 2013, I started the KZ_FREW Twitch channel. My first livestream was speedrun attempts of Crash Team Racing. It wasn’t until 2014 when I began running GTA: Vice City, the game I am perhaps most well-known for. Since then, I’ve added several more games and runs to my repertoire, and I continue to speedrun everyday.