There are many ways to get in touch with me; I’m always eager to chat, so don’t be shy.

Email: business inquiries and fanmail

Discord: if you’re a subscriber, feel free to send a private message or @mention me in the KZ_CREW server.
Twitch: I’m not the best at checking these messages, honestly. I try to read these every few days or so.
Tweet at me and I’ll get back to you
YouTube: I try to read all the comments posted and reply to any questions I see.

I do not accept Steam or Discord friend requests. Thank you for understanding. ♥

PO Box:

Benjamin Frew
PO Box 489
4970 US Highway 311 N
Walkertown, NC 27051-8700

PLEASE email me ( or Tweet at me if you send something to my PO box; that way I know to check for your package. Thank you!