All the games I’ve spent a considerable amount of time speedrunning, in alphabetical order. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of my runs, as I don’t have video evidence or listings of every game I’ve ever run.

Crash Team Racing — PSX (1999)

Any% Warpless: 1:03:23; 26 October 2014 — played on emulator

A classic from my childhood, and one of my first full-game speedruns. Crash Team Racing is one of the best PSX games, and is a pretty straightforward run with a fair amount of tech and skips, especially in the Oxide Station track. I was never very exceptional at this game, but perhaps one day I will go back to get the sub 1.

Croc 2 — PC (1999)

Any%: 1:19:27; 12 August 2018

Every month, the Obscure Speedruns Club picks a few games to speedrun — think of it like a book club, but for video game speedruns. In August, one of the games chosen was Croc 2. For the first time, I decided to participate in the Club, and I learned and completed a few runs of Croc 2. It’s a fun, colorful and overall silly platforming game with plenty of tech to keep things interesting.

Dishonored — PC (2012)

Any%: 40:12; 21 April 2015

Dishonored is a stealth/action game sporting a beautiful art style and a lovely world to explore. Many did not experience this game for themselves, but perhaps the release of the sequel will spark some interest. The run is decent fun; just perhaps a bit too much downtime for me, and as such my affair with this game was relatively brief.

Grand Theft Auto III — PC (2001)

Any%: 1:10:30; 19 April 2018

This game changed the landscape of gaming forever. It is the first 3D GTA game and paved the way for a wildly popular and successful franchise. I played this game as an adult, and thus did not experience it at the time of its release. It’s not one of my favorite GTAs — hence why I have not spent as much time on the run as I have with other games in the franchise — but its legacy is unquestionable. My best time in this game for a year and a half was 1:21:25 until early 2017, when I finally decided to improve it.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — PC (2005)

Any%: 4:27:55; 8 March 2018
No Major Glitches: 5:32:47; 11 August 2018

The best-selling PlayStation 2 game of all time. I find myself quoting this game more often than I should, and if you haven’t played it by now I implore you to find a copy and experience this game for yourself. This is the longest game I’ve ever speedrun and it certainly wears me out at times, but I love playing the run nonetheless. I’ve spent a lot of time on the Any% run and managed a time good enough for 3rd place, until I was knocked off by RoK_24 when he managed a 4:28:15.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City — PC (2002)

All Missions: 2:22:59; 23 June 2017
Any%: 12:58; 4 August 2016
Any% No SSU: 53:27; 24 March 2018
100%: 5:56:26; 31 May 2018

My first Grand Theft Auto game, and the first speedrun that I really put my heart and soul into. It’s a fantastic game with a lot of tech, no matter which category you’re watching. I’ve spent a lot of time playing, routing, and thinking about this game; and I might not have loved every minute of it, but there’s nothing I would change if I had to go back.

Half-Life — PC (1998)

WON – Scriptless (RTA, Easy): 39:58; 22 November 2016

A game that probably changed my life. I originally had this game for the PlayStation 2 as a kid many years ago. It wasn’t until adulthood that I played the proper PC edition of this game and its companions, Blue Shift and Opposing Force. I’ve been interested in the run for a long time, so I’m very happy to finally be cranking out runs of it.

Half-Life 2 — PC (2004)

New Engine: 1:58:01; 21 August 2015

This game, along with the Source Engine, has made an incredible impact on my life. Without Half-Life 2, I would have never played Kreedz Climbing; a game that has helped me grow as a person and discover my love for speedrunning. The run is very enjoyable, albeit with a fair bit of downtime from the cutscenes. Lately, the run has changed quite a bit due to clipping strats; if I ever returned to run this game — and I will — I’d likely run the game without using prop-clipping strats.

Jak II – PS2 (2003)

Any% Hoverless: 1:45:39; 10 August 2017

After ESA 2017, where I performed the “All Missions” run of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, I decided I needed a break from GTA games. I grew up playing the Jak series, and I played through the games again after I returned home from Sweden. I still found the series a lot of fun, so I chose to pursue running a Jak game. I eventually settled on Jak II, as it was the game I played the most when I was younger. This run is fascinating to me; it has a lot of brilliant and varied tech that makes it a great game to speedrun.

Portal — PC (2007)

Inbounds: 16:53; 3 February 2015

I’ve never been quite as hyped for a game as I was for Portal. The day the Orange Box was released, I woke up at five in the morning to get on my PC and play this game before I had to leave for school. It was worth it. The run is short, fast paced, and allows you to pace yourself thanks to its nature of dividing levels between brief elevator rides. Also, the tech makes about as much sense to me as quantum mechanics, so there’s that, too.

True Crime: New York City — PC (2006)

Any%: 59:29; 24 August 2018

Originally ran by my friends ef1411 and katinjegat, I decided to pick up the game to see what it was all about. In the process, I managed to be the first player to get a time under one hour in this game. The run is pretty great, but the game in contrast… not so much. Funnily enough, the fact that it’s such a janky game makes it a pretty good speedrun.